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Microblading FAQ


What is Mircoblading?

Mircoblading is a form of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing done by using manual tools.


How is Microblading done?

Microblading is performed with a grouping or configuration of needles affixed to a handle to manually create lines
that resemble eyebrow hairs.


Is it temporary?

Some are promoting microblading or eyebrow embroidery as a semi-permanent process; and that the color only reaches the epidermal (outer) layer of the skin. A careful review of basic skin anatomy and physiology would reveal this is not true. By definition and tattoo industry standards, color is tattooed/implanted into the dermis of the skin. If pigment particles do not reach the dermis, they will disappear during the healing phase of the skin, during normal regeneration of cells at the epidermal level. Pigments do fade in the skin over time, but that does not make the process semi-permanent. It is impossible to predict how much pigment will fade away and how long it will take to do so with any measure of consistency or reliability.


Is it painful?

This depends on individuals. We apply topical lidocaine based anesthetics before and throughout the procedure to minimizu your discomfort. Most of our clients say the procedure is very tolerable.


Why does microblading not last as long as other eyebrow tattooing techniques?

This is simply because a much smaller amount of pigment is inserted (tattooed) into the skin as compared to fully or solidly filled eyebrow tattoos.


Is there less training needed to learn Microblading as compared to learning permanent cosmetics?

No; if someone is new to the industry and does not already have a minimum of 100 hours of training in permanent cosmetics, they need to have a similar amount of training in microblading, even if it is for just that one type of procedure. There are many areas of study when learning these techniques, which include facial morphology and bone structure, brow shaping and design, color analysis, color theory, proper handling of equipment, prevention of cross-contamination, as well as practice work and the opportunity to observe procedures before actually performing them under supervision. 2-day classes are simply not enough to learn this.


Who can perform Microblading in Washington state?

Those who offer Microblading in Washington state need to be licensed as Tattoo Artists and the shop has to have a Tattoo Shop License. Estheticians, Cosmetologists, or Manucurists cannot perform this procedure without proper licensing. We follow all the state regulations and strict infection/sanitization control. Check the licensing before you opt for this procedure.


Is it safe?

Is it safe?If proper sterilization and disinfection guidelines are met, Mircoblading should be completely safe. As professionals in the permanent cosmetic industry, we are required to take Blood Borne Pathogens course once a year as part of the state licensing requirement.


How long does Microblading last?

Most of our clients come back for touch-ups or color boost after 1 year or so; some even sooner.


Why do I have to come in twice?

Most permanent makeup procedures are a two-session step for the best results. The first reason is color saturation: A second coat of paint on anything makes that color appear more even and vibrant, and the same concept applies to permanent makeup. Second, the color you see results from the pigments used plus your skin undertone. If your healed color leans toward an undesired tone (e.g., too red), it can be adjusted at the second visit. Third, the color can be darkened and the shape refined with another application. A second application can correct any light areas that retained less color. Your followup procedure should be scheduled 4 to 8 weeks after your first session when the area is fully healed.


How much does Microblading cost?

We charge $650 (plus tax) that includes one free touchup appointment after 4-8 weeks. After the initial appointment, touchups are $175 within a year and $275 afterwards.*


Is Microblading good for me?

We offer free consultations if you're not sure about this procedure. Getting your eyebrows tattooed is a big decision. We can answer any questions you may have about this peocedure. Those who have previous tattooed eyebrows are particularly encounraged to come in for a consultation, as some of the cases are not suitable for this procedure. We offer tattoo removal/lightening and color correction, too.


Where can I have Microblading done?

We currently offer this service at Savvy Cosmetics ( in Seattle. We offer easy access to I-5 and I-90, with free validated parking. Please call 206-223-1866 or email to schedule your free consultation.


*All prices are subject to change without notice.

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